Thursday, February 27, 2014

REcycling - a toy robot made from scratch

Another fun REcycling project today. 

I first got started with those cubes made of corrugated board (old package boxes). I cut like about a dozen of layers for body and head, and glued them together with white glue, then I sanded and rounded. It was surprisingly stiff and rigid, though it's not water-proof. The best cardboard was from IKEA, because it was thin and hence less mollasse, which it great for making blocks (those of you who attended my craft workshops for kids know I have a thing for re-purposing package boxes - huge thanks for giving them to me!). Yes, practically I could take two pieces of wood, but somehow recycling the carton for body and head was more appealing. I mean wood would look nice, but classic, and I wanted that piece to be funky and really made of scratch.

I make HEAVY use of plastic cups, as you see, I just love them THAT much - only six of them in this project!  Hands/claws were made of FIMO clay that I set on a thread which was reinforced with metal wire. So the arms bend and hold. I oven baked and sanded to get them looking less new. Eyes are FIMO and screws/glue, and the nose is a wooden bead on screw/glue.

And the piece of chalkboard foil to write fun messages was the last detail. It's living right now on our coffee machine, that's why the "I love COFFEE".

I probably should have made pics inbetween, to accompany the process and put another DIY tutorial together, and now I'm only having one pic in the middle of the process. I was not sure this first robot would score a hit, but it did, so the tutorial is coming up! Stay tuned!

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