Saturday, February 22, 2014

Glitter birds - DIY tutorial

It's still vacation time, so I'm gonna try to share some quick-n-simple crafty projects that you can make with your kids. Please note, my daughter is about five years old, so most of projects are about what you can make with kids of nearly that age.

Today I'm gonna talk about glitter AND how to make happy your kids'  little invites. 

#1 - it's FUN making those birds with your kids. 
#2 - it's great pleasure giving them to her little friends and you should have seen the happiness on their little faces.
#3 - see the #1 and have more fun making them another time after you run out of stock - to reiterate as often as you like it! 

If your kids are that crazy about anything glitter as my little girl is (and most of kids are), then that's THE project they will never get sick of making again and again.

Let me be clear first - I'm NOT that fond of glitter! That was my little girl insisting on taking those bad boys into the cart. I trust her quite often and afterwards am surprised how the odd things she oh-so-badly-needs-to-have-but-me-not-like-first get us started on other fun projects. So I've learned to trust her instincts.

And how would I otherwise make my comets (previous post) and a starry sky for Moomins (post coming up next week)? Glitter is THAT great and perfect for that kind of projects, the results are just amazing for that little amount of work involved.

If you don't have glitter (which normal people NORMALLY do not have around in their normal lives), then go consider getting it and making fun birds on vacation with your kids. We had made five, giving then almost all of them to friends which most of them (especially little friends of my daughter) LOVED that much.

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