Monday, February 3, 2014

How to make an airplane - DIY - Part I

I've had LOTS of plastic cups on hands, and I've had some old pieces of wood (I'm always having trouble throwing anything away - who knows that it can be good for). And I wanted to make a toy for baby boy that would be made in some other material than fabric. 

That's how I came up with our first homemade wooden toy  - an airplane. It looks like a classic one, and I tried to keep the basic shapes as simple as I could, because as much as I enjoy working with wood, I'm not that experienced for any sophisticated details now.

I've written my comments and how-to's right on the pictures, it would be surely easier to read through and visualise the steps. Come to see the part II by the end of the week.

P.S. A not-so-quick note though - the idea was to re-use a much as possible - #1

And #2 was re-purposing. If you walk through construction materials department store you find things like teeny-tiny wheels, just to give an example. And though they look great, they are not fitting into my re-purposing concept. I mean, if you want a perfect airplane, then go to the special aircraft modelling shop and grab an expensive model where everything is pre-cut and perfectly adjusted. My intent is another - why go and grab some standard ready-made if I'm the happiest if it's something I can make myself with a bit of imagination, time and patience? 

#3 - material mix - wood, plastic, rubber - to accentuate each of them to make the whole thing looking appealing, assembled of various textures and making an interesting statement.

That's all, and it's not that detailed, but I hope you get the general idea!

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