Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A bit more as a simple colouring book

This weekend I‘ve sponaneously started a colouring book for my little girl. I have to say, I‘ve already tried this a couple of times before, but failed and stopped, and thrown away. This time, when my little girl starts asking and thinking, and it's getting fun, like really fun, I have an ambion to make a serie of pictures with some, well, philosophic content, but in light version – if you have a 3-year old and like billions of why‘s a day, you know what I mean.
Like, why I cannot be a bird? In fact, why not?
I wanted it to be a book with a story. Colouring book, just for the record, I'm not gonna get too ambitious too fast! And that she can paint on it. Well, this time I‘m definetely determined to pursuit and stick to it. As it came out, it became a kind of story about a bird, who carries its aspirations to excess and who gets it under control with assistance of a little fish. Well, anyway, this would be a story, I‘d like to tell to my little girl, I‘m finishing the last sketches, putting ink on it, and done. I hope, anyway!
Have a nice day!

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