Saturday, June 16, 2012

Inspiration has sometimes weird ways to come

Today I‘d like to focus on weird ways of getting inspiration and tell you a story:
FIRST: I‘ve printed my fabrics in shades of green-blue, cut them in pieces and made some arrangements, which did not make me that satisfied. Something was missing. I made like thousands of fabric matches and it did not work. I did not force and let them lay for a couple of days. I thought like, what was I making them for, if it doesn‘t work?… Big dissappointment, inspiration has dumped me!
SECOND: I‘ve bought flowers – in bright magenta and deep ultramarine blue, almost violet – to make watercoloured drawings this week. Instead that I was drawing, well,  buttercups – they are ALL around and more inspiring right at the moment. I thought like, what was I spent my money on, if I have flowers to draw free of charge?…. Kind of disappointment and pricks of conscience like: why don't I do, what I'd have to and planned to do? 

THIRD: Recently I was fabric shopping at Marimekko to sew a summer dress for my little girl, as suddenly she asked me to buy a certain piece of fabric as a table cloth. I agreed, although the colour combo of that fabric was kind of „wow, weird – red, magenta, violet, blue, dirty green“, but she may have just other preferences, have to accept that. „Are you sure you want THAT fabric?“ – „YES, mummy, PLEASE“. I thought, well, I‘ve paid 20 euros for a piece of fabric I did not like so much, herrje, what for?… Slight disappointment, I'm not at all in the mood of using it – zero inspiration.

On the next day my little girl made a scarf with the piece, then a table cloth, I watched her playing with the strange fabric, and all of a sudden it ALL made sense and got clear: the greeny prints, the bright magenta, the ultramarine blue-violet of my new flowers– the inspiration has come, because the strange fabric has puzzled it all together, - weird, isn‘t it? 
Well, that‘s the message I‘m trying to convey:

#1 Accept strange and weird inputs, be attentive and on the alert! Welcome the new options, step out of your comfort zone - see #2!

#2 There is nothing with no purpose – trust your instincts and go for what you like, even if it does not make any obvious sence. If it still makes no sense after it‘s got or done, or lost sense (kind of what for did I do it?) see #3.

#3 If it‘s not working, switch off, continue later, and be patient – the 101st time could be brilliant, but you have to have it tried 100 times before you get there – keep on working anyway and go out do some research for #1.

Well, thank you a lot for your patience for reading it all, I appreciate that!

May inspiration be gentle with you, if it's not, struggle and don't give up! Stay tuned, I'm preparing my patch-art-work coming soon.

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