Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fuchsia - new drawings

Last days I was actually busy fabric printing, so it was kind of therapy to me to have to put down all the sprays and paint, and stencils and to switch off from all that messy action in my studio and just enjoy the simple beauty right in front of me – the newcomer at our garden – fuchsias. I still hesitate about if I‘m quite pleased with how it came out – I‘ve been missing a bit more of green shades while painting, that‘s why I‘ve reinforced them here and there.

More pictures here:

Well, that‘s done, I go back to fabric printing and working on futher ink drawings for my next affirmation – it‘s already done, but the sentence I was working on, failed and I don‘t like it anymore. It‘s about focusing on simple things, appreciating the moment and learnig from the nature. If I‘m lucky enough, I‘ll get it done till tomorrow.
Have a relaxing day!

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