Thursday, June 7, 2012

Paint, crayons, stencils and journaling on fabric

I‘ve actually never been able to produce any kind of abstract art – in these hand painted fabric pieces  either. I use a lot of repetition, elements, that I just randomly place all over the space, I use ornaments, I use floral and any other drawings. Does it come out abstract? I don‘t think so. I think more of collage – of all I‘ve seen, drawn, thought of recently. Anyway, it‘s a „Vorarbeit“ (I love german language, yes I do, it has lots of words like this – shot, precise, elegant and meaningfull in each part and as a whole term). Now I‘m actually thinking about making some kind of stuff with it – it could become a pouch, tote bag, notebook cover and I‘d like that it comes along with something with another structure – embroidery, textile collage - to create a bit more of haptic contrast. Well, that‘s the focus for the next days to come.
It‘s sunny again outside, and I‘m drawing fuchsias – I‘ll post them about this weekend.
Have a nice day!

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