Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hand-printed cards - work in process

Today I‘m happy to show you another project, that has been maturing for quite a while, and it's about making hand-printed cards. I‘ve tried it a couple of times once in a while, making sketches, carving lino, printing trial proofs. As much as I love printing and lino carving, it took me some time to find out the way to match my ideas to the particularities of the material. 
I also like that it can be printed onto a rough textured surface making each print one-of-a-kind. The linocut lines get a bit softer, uneven, vibrant and not that rigid - not quite the result linocut is known for, but what I personally appreciate and strive for.
Recently I‘ve found a theme, that I could put into four little sketches – it‘s about a girl, who plays in a garden and it became a set of four summer cards. My inspiration came from my little girl being all the time outside. Here my peek preview of what happens on my studio table right now and what should end up becoming a set of hand-printed cards. 
Have a nice day!

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