Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trust your sense of beauty - Affirmation #2

That‘s the second one, and it took me awhile to just figure out, what matches to so many thoughts and pack it into a couple of simple words. I wanted it to focus on importance of contemplating, of observing, of considering the infinite variety of shapes and colours in the Nature, going out, watching, getting inspired. To learn, to take time. Be patient, anyway.

A whole bunch of thoughts, too long to put in a simple drawing. I was searching for a short phrase, being neither critical nor that instructional, kind of what would be meaningful and important to myself at the moment – that‘s why it came out about being confident of our choises, learn to develop the sense of beauty.

About accepting, that we develop that sense with an important amount of work, that‘s why I focus on learning. Learning as observing, assimilating - yes. But also learning to put back the influences, being on our own, taking risks, when it comes to confronting the blank sheet of paper.

Trust in what we think is important to us to express and to tell, to listen to our own heart and tell our story, because each of us has a special story to tell, we only need to learn to hear its voice, and that what I call the sense of beauty.

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