Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Floral ornaments with fabric

This time I'd like to show you  what I‘ve planned to do after having finished these ink drawings. It was all question of material choice – I knew, I wanted it alsmost surely made of fabric. Bold. Contrast. Colourful. Something that I'm not used to doing, but absolutely wanted to give a try. And it was worth it! Here is my way to reinterpret all the gorgeous embroideries, patterns and woodcuts I‘ve seen in Budapest. I've also printed/stenciled some backgrounds this early morning. Otherweise the ornamets might be simply put on a piece of simple natural unbleached linen, though linen is tricky to use for appliqué technique. Well, here are some combinations that I‘m pretty satisfied with – it could definitely become a set of placemats or decorate a pouch – we‘ll see this in one of the next posts. With some free motion messy stiching around it would be just what I‘ve looked for. I‘ll keep you posted.
Have a nice day!

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