Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hand printed cards

Today I'm gona show you my new hand printed cards. I‘m quite pleased how they turned out, after LOTS of trials as to final cut, paper cut, placement on carton etc… I‘m done! And very happy!
I‘ve taken the recycled carton for cardboard in nice soft pastel colours, with that rough warm surface. I printed on banana paper - I have chosen it because of its foliage and straw chips, with very nice contrast surface texture being smooth, but making the linocut lines appear as if they were textured, bristly strokes of a brush. Well, I LOVE textured paper. 
These cards have very nice rough and soft touch, they are matt and more kind of low-key, I think they reflect a lot about who I am and what I like. And I love them!
They are going straight forward in my shop, as soon as I have it opened.  The official launch will take place next week.
So if you need a handmade card, for maybe not any particular occasion at all, but just to say what you‘d like to say to someone special in your life to make someone smile and remind of, well, simple joys of life, for example, take one of the „Summer garden“ cards! You can purchase them individually or as a set of four – they are carefully matched together and compose a perfect summer garden. They would tolerate being customized, like coloured by a child, embellished and reconstructed – they have enough empty space to be filled with any paper scraps, doodles, lettering, journaling etc. They are very easy-to-work-on, since the surface is not that glossy and perfect white.

I'm back drawing and watercolouring, it's the first sunny day of the whole week, that's why I'll be coming back with magenta carnations. Stay tuned!


  1. charming...Undoubtedly you enjoy what you are doing )

  2. Yes, I REALLY do! Otherwise I'd not do it :)