Friday, June 1, 2012

Follow your heart and be patient

Now I‘ve been working at a kind of affirmation that has been spinning around in my head since a couple of days. I have very many projects, and even more ideas, I am also kind of perfectionnist in how I realise it all. That means lots of remakes and slow-downs and waiting till the idea finds ist best shape/exspression/materials. My time limit for artwork is not quite so big, and I have to work fast and do not waste my time. But stilll.... Sometimes I do have to force myself  to just take a cup of tee, switch off and think, that‘s it‘s not just about how fast I am, but also that I need time, and my projects need time, and inspiration needs time, and it's a lot of patience involved, and I need to accept that.

Lately I‘ve started to appreciate and experiment with this kind of layout - full of floral ornaments in borders.

Have a nice day and be patient!

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