Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exploring forms and surface

Recently on my way back home from the public library as I have been taking some pictures of wild flowers, I‘ve suddenly come across another interesting object to explore – the shade forms – so simple and captivating. Interesting, that this third photo collage (after „Finland‘s beauties“ and „Exploring colour“) speaks one more time about revealing the beauty of subjects being quite simple at the first sight, and not that eye-catching – is it what I prefer focusing on? Well, maybe that‘s the conclusion. This time I‘m pinning here my inspiration board from a huge moss stone with shade forms – it‘s about filling the surface with simple structures such as moss and cracks, and only a few neutral colours, with shade forms being a perfectly matching counterpart. It‘s about creating interesting patterns,where all the elements are balanced and standing out at the same time.


  1. Indeed, nature is a source of inspiration..

  2. it certainly is! Though it's always kind of unexpected, but I take it as it comes, you never know what it'll be good for - even if it's to get other people insprired.