Thursday, March 21, 2013

About sad books, thrifting and re-purposing

I could sometimes say that, yes, thrifter could be my middle name. 

There're lot of things out there that get me excited, inspired and hooked, and thrifting is by far one of the strongest among them. I'm occasional, but passionate thrifter, going with the flow while plunging in flea markets with no particular idea.

This time though I did have an idea – for my stationery. I guess any stationery creating hits sooner or later the question of book making – no matter which – albums, mini books, notebooks, you name it. And here we are, starting once again with me being unable to find albums for a couple of projects – photo albums, planners, or some books to fill with notes and all the random stuff. There're like entire shelves in stores filled with albums of any sort, and size, and price, and me spending time and not finding the perfect one. 

So I went thrifting – and grabbed some old books in different sizes, that no person needs, but with covers exactly how I wanted them to be in texture and colour, or sad, abandoned children books with faded illustrations (though there're books that „get old“ beautifully and look great despite the aging, I'm not speaking of those books here, those ones were made to stay as they are and have to be treasured). 

Well, the sad books.... They may have nice coloured cover, with all the aging marks that are just perfect for my purpose, or they have heavy semi-gloss paper or even cardboard pages, that would be repainted without any curling and would support many of techniques to embellish the pages. 

Now I'm coming to the target: all those qualities, paired with the price, make them perfect objects to be re-purposed – to frame an album, that I would make of loose pages and customize to my liking or to build a skeleton of a mini book or a note book. Stay tuned – I'm gonna figure it out in coming days and make a tutorial post on this subject.

P.S. Currently there seems to be a bug in showing the photos in a lightbox, and I thought there was something wrong with my settings. So I checked many times. It didn't work. Currently the photos appear separately each time in a new tab, so showing them in a row/scrolling is now impossible. And it's quite uncomfortable, because each photo pops up separately, so there's no photo flow as usual. I've observed the same bug on other blogs, so it's more like a blogspot general bug right now, and not only my personal one. Hopefully it'll all soon gets back into its normal setting and the photos will appear in a lightbox. Hopefully..

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