Friday, March 8, 2013

Lino carving aka package design for DIY-kits

I'm quite obsessed now with lino carving, and I'm certainly not going to stop any sooner.

So package - another fun activity, that came along while working on my DIY-kits for personalizing of notebook covers - PACKAGE DESIGN. I'll take it simple, but I wanted to create a funny and bold cover card to accompany this upcoming product. So before I even thought of it, I was sitting at my desk waiting for tea to get ready and sketching what I'd put on the top of the bag with the kits. I've lino carved the sketch and now I'm playing around how to print it to my liking. Those ones are the sheets that please me most for now - on silk and banana paper.

All I need is to assemble them - I hope to be able to launch the ready DIY-kits next week.

This has been quite a busy-busy-busy week, that's gonna be followed by a pretty busy weekend with family, so next posts come in a couple of days - no work on weekend, I'm gonna take it slow this time and get out of my studio.

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