Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Figuring out my way of stitching

Yesterday I was about thatclose to give up working on cross stitching designs – not fruitful in terms of sharing-worthy production, but quite effective in terms of, well, some thinking about more global things, like, the way I work.

I've made lot of blueprints for stitching and tried them out, but unraveled later. All the stitch/thread mixing on cardboard didn't work together as I expected, and I got upset and tired.

Until this morning when I got back and revisited the way I treat the textiles -  playing with the half- „patchwork-y“, half-appliqued look, that I often create with fabrics : mixing paint, sewing and adding sometimes random fabric scraps that come across.

I think that it slowly becomes the way I work and love working with anything that I get my hands on - papers, knitting, sewing or, as now, stitching. It was simple, it was more appealing, it was fun, and I got new energy to continue. Why didn't I try it earlier?... Sometimes the simplest solutions have a long way to come....


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