Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pram chain featuring "FOREST FRIENDS"

Another product that I've finally made myself. About three years ago I was in search of something interesting to put on the pram/baby buggy. I've found some interesting wooden pram chains, that I finally didn't buy, because I thought I would easily make one myself. I wanted it to be a bit different, so I've bought a handful of different pieces in a local craft shop, like wooden letters, crocheted beads, some metallic drams and lots of other little things – and never used them. As long as my little girl was in that pram, or playing under the baby trapeze, I was thinking of crafting a couple of pieces – chained or not – to add something "made by me". But each idea turned out to somehow misfit technically or visually, or conceptually. They didn't feel right and the time passed.

So this time, working a lot with the serie „FOREST FRIENDS“, and juggling with their shapes nearly every day, sketching and re-arranging them constantly to find ideas for new products, I came across revisiting the concept of what I had in mind above, yes, it would be a nice fit for a pram/ baby bed/ eye-catcher, to place somewhere around a little one.

It's made of fabric, padded with some wool blend, so that they pop up nicely without being flat. One side is applique in usual (at the moment) colours for that serie, another one are solid cottons/linen/linen blend - one colour per animal/bird/flower. So there's visually "busy" side and another one, being more calm.

I've needle felted some beads to add some interesting visual details and underline the HORIZONTAL arrangement.

It's multi-purpose/ multi-usable as well: this time I'm presenting it like an eye-catcher. It can decorate a pram, or a baby bed. It can easily be taken apart and hung VERTICALLY, or put onto the baby trapeze. Mix the felted beads with animals' characters, if you make a vertical line – use it to your liking, and change it often to catch the baby attention anew.

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