Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making folders

Well, I'm not having any tutorial, as I thought I would do on this project. It all was a bit too improvisational and not quite knowing what I would get at the end, not being sure about the path to follow. Long story short - I'm not feeling myself ready and having enough experience to get it all well summarized and clearly explained. I'm gonna stick to it and continue, working out new designs, trying out new techniques and getting more confident about the way I work.

For this time, it's a middle sized FOLDER aka future photo ALBUM. 

I've hand printed in last days a LOT of heavy paper and cardboard to build the inlay. It's all in the colourway I'm currently obsessed with - that from the FOREST FRIENDS' serie - subdued orange, olive greens, sparkles of aqua blue, more or less strong pink hues. I've covered it with some paint that imitate linen (or stone, depends on associations) so that all the modge-podged paper pieces hold together.

A bit of other colours, applied with a roller here and there, a bit of hand printing, and a tag. And yes, some hand printed/textured (banana) paper on the inside. I'm happy how it turned out - with multitude of textures, sunny colour sparkles, lots of layers and some interesting patterns appearing here and there.

Hereafter some hand printed pages. Now I'm gonna need some punching, tag-making and than off it goes to the photo shop to print some photos and fill this new gorgeous album.

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