Monday, March 18, 2013

Still stitching...

Past weekend I was exploring a bit more cross stitching and how I could use it. After one little piece that was only suitable to make a card from my previous post I've enlarged the design by adding some ornamental friezes below - the idea was to elongate it to be able to make sort of bookmark - and here it is.

The process of mounting it and handling all the inevitable distortions made me thinking about other ways of cross stitching. Working on Aida without embroidery hoop (because the piece was not so big) was somehow hand straining.

So the next cross stitching experiment went towards taking a cardboard as canvas  -  easy to hold, firm, and being minimally distorted while stitching. Another extra point - minimal efforts as for mounting - all I need was to back the card with a piece of paper to hide the messy backside with all the knots. I had to perforate the card first, but it was worth it - stitching was smooth and easy. Here's the first attempt, it works technologically, but I've been missing something while doing it and wanting to make it all a bit more playful, more challenging and less conventional.

Now I've got a couple of new ideas how to make it more fun and less classical cross-stitched. Follow the updates to see the results, I guess the upcoming products're gonna be a couple of fun cross-stitching kits.

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