Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New nursery decoration pieces aka play rugs

And here's something new, that  I'm quite quite pleased to show you (to be honest, A WHOLE LOT) - new deco panels for baby beds. Yes, actually one more item for nursery decoration - somehow I'm getting obsessed with all those animal designs, bold forms, vivid, but yet not so flashy colourway, and with creating all the nursery stuff.

Well, I already have one cute child, so actually you probably wouldn't see me making some nice deco that somehow remains nothing else but decoration. I like all things multi-purpose, useful, and sturdy enough to let children play with. I've spent quite some time, having this idea in mind and thinking how to make it stand out, like what other useful features to add, and so on. And I still may be developping it more in terms of adding little pockets on the backside or alike....

So here's the basic idea - of course attach it to the bed rails and it's done - you have a nice piece of deco to embellish the bed and a fun eye-catcher to your baby to study  and touch when he/she's awake. The attachments are SHORT pieces of linen (yep, because of safety - no long ribbons for lil'ones). If you have a child, I think he or she's gone at the early  age of crawling through the obsession with labels/etiquettes sewn onto everything in their reach (well, mine as well, and I know many other babies LOVING etiquettes) - on towels, garments, toys. So bed deco aka fun rug with "labels" to play with, for little babies.

So take one day this fabric picture off and let you child play with what is not a deco anymore, but becoming now a little colourful fabric rug with four little labels. With this in mind, I'm gonna make them next  in different colours for more visual interest.

Both those deco pieces/rugs measure about 22 x 28 cm, padded for more form stability, backside heavy linen, applique in  cotton corduroy, linen mixed fabrics, cottons, and some wool mixed fabrics. Frontside is made of a piece of coarse silk.

Can I work on those cuties any longer? I guess YES! Now I'm gonna finish another projects on that subject. I hope, you love them as well, otherwise you risk to get the overdose in next time, cause I'm gonna stick to them! Hope not to get you turned off and see you soon!

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