Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW - Coasters

This idea was born because I have a bad habit, or rather not have a good one - about protecting the table surface with coasters while putting glasses/cups on it. I simply do not think about it, though many of my family, relatives and friends are using them. And as far as my tables have always been arranged coaster-less-ly (trying to be somewhat economical with words), I haven't thought about creating them - all of my products start because they represent something that I need and want to make it to my liking/put my own twist on it.

So as a non-coaster-user I didn't think of coasters. Until today. Of course I have them around the house, as gifts from friends, or cardboard ones collected during travels and actually meant to complete the photo albums. But never used them purposefully.

I've made a couple of sketches for cross-stitching this morning, made a pause and changed my mind -  I've turned them into coasters, simplifying the designs and getting back to fabrics. Recently I've spent lot of time working on kids' stuff and paper projects/stationery, so I was so glad getting back to sewing machine and making something for grown-ups. In the colourway of FOREST FRIENDS though. Working with usual suspects - appliqué, free motion machine embroidery, thick padding, backside heavy linen. And using all the small and tiny scraps left from bigger FOREST FRIENDS' projects.

Quite quite happy how they turned out, and from now on  I'm gonna create a couple more of those little helpers.

It was challenging working so small-sized ( appr. 11 x 11 cm / 4" x 4"), and if I hadn't spent countless hours recently figuring out my way of creating the cross stitch patterns, hence working rather small, I wouldn't come up now with coasters.... I'm taken by surprise over and over again about the ways the one things induce the others, so that nothing is without purpose, even the most weird and seemingly conterproductive ideas as recently my slip into cross-stitching...

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