Friday, March 15, 2013

Hand printing

Et voilà - it's been NON-STOP PRINTING this early morning. I've experimented with different paper qualities - from light textured canson paper from sketch pads, canson ingres, to banana paper and some middle textured paper with meshed surface. Not to forget feather-weight silk paper. And I LOVE IT!

There's something exquisite about hand printed textured paper - the fluffy surface, colour mixing, all the asperities reacting differently to the printing plate and pressure, all the colour gradations, all the superpositions that are much more vibrant and saturated against the digital print (if using more than one colour). I'm making them to use later in my stationery projects - cards making, preparing of DIY-kits etc.

And to introduce a bit of something different to this blog, but not to me - another fun little project, that I'm currently working on, just to see how it works out - some cross stitching. I'm making a mock-up to test how I could integrate it into my current work/projects. I love cross stitching, but only in small doses.. We'll see this weekend, if I'm gonna follow this up. Stay tuned.

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