Monday, March 4, 2013

Mixing up lino prints and appliqué technique

Yes, this is quite the first time, and I LOVE it. I've already mixed printing and appliqué, of course, but on DIFFERENT pieces of fabrics, that I've PATCHED TOGETHER afterwards. Now it's ALL ON THE SAME PIECE.

There's been a lot of going on those last days, so that I didn't post regularly. And I haven't made as much either. But I've prepared VERY MANY, many sketches – drafts for upcoming projects, both textiles and stationery, notebooks, cards, agendas, I've made lots of prints, I've made some fonts, I've cut and appliqued many covers that have to be finished (if my days had like 48 hours each.. at least...).

I have often to struggle with myself and not let myself overflow with all the new ideas. Easy to say, not that easy to follow. As I normally draft mornings while drinking my cup of tea, to shorten waiting times during the day, or late in the evening, watching the news, I tend to have way TOO many of sketches. Too many to be able to get all finished, before I change my mind and start something else. So I have to be VERY fast with the realization,  otherwise it gets lost in the pile of potentially-interesting-but-laid-back-for-later-STUFF. Later, when "I'll have a bit more time", what I normally strongly believe, and what is mostly NOT TRUE, because next time I'll be drafting new ideas instead of realizing the waiting-in-the-line. 

Well, happily, I do get to make some of them, otherwise this blog with all the photos and stories wouldn't happen to be here.

That's why I have to regularly give myself a kick away from doodling, and towards the "real tools", like sewing machine, cutting, binding etc.etc. - which is normally oh-so-fun, once I get started, and I oh-so-much-in-love with all the "making of".

So I hope next days I'm gonna catch up with all the „making'em real“. But for now, only a little peek – a new upcoming product for nursery decoration, combining printing and applique. Stay tuned.

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