Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Finishing the album

After having spent last days with everything except of the album, that I've presented in the last post, I decided to get back to it, and so I did. I've arranged my papers to build the page sequence, added some solid coloured pages and trimmed the rest of those solid coloured papers to tags to write my little side notes to the photos. And I've left those tags without any surface treat, like handprinting, paint rolling or alike - I like their simple and calm textured surface, to contrast a bit with pages, but without getting too overworked.

And this album has different sized pages - some of them smaller than the others (actually only two sizes in this example) - so that if you have a smaller one in front of you, you can see the bords of following bigger ones - there's something I LOVE about different sized pages, and so I do.

So here they are - green and hot pink note tags, and some lined tags, to complete the pages. I've laid them out quickly to see how they work together - not bad. Now the only thing I need is waiting for photos to get printed and sent!

There`re 24 pages, hand painted/printed on both sided in the album, here I'm sharing only some of them, otherwise there would be too many photos. Blogger Lightbox is still not functionning, so each photo is still popping up in a separate tab, there're many people out there reporting the same problem, and nothing changed yet! That's why I avoid posting lots of photos.

I might make some bigger tags as well, so that my little girl can make a couple of fun drawings to put them into the album as well. And a couple of envelopes of vellum paper, just to add some interesting details.

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