Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upcoming product - organizer (mixed technique)

You know, first, I'd love to be a To-Do-list person, but at the age of early thirties I have to admit, that I may never manage to become one. As soon as I make one, it all gets whirlwinded and thousands of things magically happen to get me oh-so-urgently busy with anything else. Summing up – I get upset and mad about myself.

Of course I do make plans, but the trick is not to put them down on a To Do list, not to fix them onto a certain day or even week, but JUST PUT/PIN IT SOMEWHERE, so that I'd see it from time to time and think of it, and going playing like about ten minutes piano or read a very certain book, I've really need to read, instead of browsing through random books/old magazines/blogs or whatever.

So, I guess, there're some folks out there as me – loving everything about being organized, but somehow constantly feeling dispersed – which of course does not mean we would do nothing at all. So as I told, I pin.

I pin little notes, I pin quotes, drawings, prescriptions, product sketches, fabric swatches, pages from magazines, colour combos, little helpful resolutions, etc. ALL OVER the SPACE. Somehow they are all important, and need to be seen, and of course one day they overgrow the wall square. After sometime they move to folders, but do you know what? All the stuff that was so happy being on the walls, miraculously looses the interest and any inspiration potential being ranged and tidy organised. It's like a light bulb switched off.

So I was thinking about cute helpers – PLANNERS/agendas/organizers. I may not be a To-Do-List person, but I do love organizers  Not in a book form, but rather like LITTLE MOOD BOARDS for about a month. Simple, open, and with some cute little details that would help me overview all the meaningful and interesting things of the moment, let say March 2013. Please no day sequence from 1 to 30, because I do not like having empty spaces filled with nothing, or feel myself under pressure to fill any single day, which mostly certainly happen to me working on those numerated/dated planners. Just some FUN LAYOUT with my favorites colours of the moment (hot camelia pink, olive, ochre, some understated orange and light blue), cute DETAILS and some place to put something I'd like to outline - like an important date or quote.

I'll put there my little girl's drawings as well, or the quotations of her own about this or that – absolutely LOVE them.

So this is a peek into upcoming project – cute and easy, and quite flexible ORGANIZER aka MOOD BOARD, easy to use, easy to stock, easy for multi-purpose use. I've made the notes on this March-page digitally, just to let you see how I'd use it, but actually I'm gonna hand write, and pin it over my studio table. There're most of my favorite techniques  - free motion stitched decorative fabric birds, lino printing, paper scraps, tags.

And this time I've created a font - unsatisfied as I often am with this time classical fonts, and not that much convinced with what I've seen elsewhere about any other free or not-so-free fonts, and loving the hand-typed quality, I've sketched and lino carved one for myself -the Raumalainen FONT for month titles.

Know what I like about it „en plus“? I can make so many March-pages as necessary, like two, or six. And put in a folder afterwards it'd still be an inspirational journal, keeping track of all the little important things that happen, that inspire me, that make me feel excited about life. '

Gonna add it soon to the UPDATES in my SHOP. I'll keep you posted.

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