Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Package design - PART II

Hey there! I'm almost back and still knee-deep in lino carving & printing for package design. I guess once it starts, it's difficult to stop - somehow I need ALL those little things that I appreciate so much at other people's handmade products, like package covers, tags, thank-you-notes and it goes on and on... Hand- or letter printed, on textured/recycled/hand made papers/fabric scraps.

I've been thinking about designing it digitally and printing them out, about ordering stamps with digital designs that I'd made, about making them entirely handmade with hand writing and fabric embellishments - all being interesting options, certainly, but with some constraints. I thought about lino carving - I love lino printed look, I love having quick results,I love that I can print it onto any plane surface like fabrics/very thin/heavily textured paper, I love the flexibility about possible re-branding afterwards - it's only a matter of a couple of hours of lino carving - et voila, a brand new tag/cover/whatever,you name it, plate is ready for cute little hand made prints to accompany my new projects.

So this morning I've been preparing plates for my upcoming STAMP SETS, refining another one for DIY-kits for notebook covers and carving another one for thank-you-tags. Somehow bigger plates do not work well with stamping pads, so I had to take my typographic water-based printing inks and rolls. And it was actually more interesting, because here I could mix any shade I would love to have - this time some greyish green, that looks slightly different depending on paper colour.

And ta-da, another obsession - hand written notes with my new hot pink pen - why have I only used a black one and never ever thought of other colours before. The BRIGHTER, the BETTER! So from now on I'm gonna more hand write with that cute helper.

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