Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A blue-bellflower teddy

Here we are with another one teddy bear – in beige and blue. Its characteristics are  similar to the teddy, that was described in the previous post (size, jointing, filling etc.). Different is its character – that’s it that comes out differently each time I make a new teddy. 

As for the rest, I'm getting focused after the week spent far away from my studio: it usually takes a couple of days, sometimes a week, to get going all the projects that I’ve left behind before departure. At this time I may start asking myself about what is actually more or less important in what I do, and what if I’d change here and there a little bit. I’m okay with that, and it comes sometimes to a couple of new projects, or just developping of some new ideas. 

Otherwise I try to get going projects that have come to a standstill recently. Yes, I have a couple of them in my basket. These are non-finished projects, which realisation is beyond my time limits  - spending time on reconnecting with inspiration each time after an interruption on a long-term project is something I cannot afford right now. I prefer quick and short projects, or projects which realization can be fragmented, so that my little girl can wait a couple of minutes till I'm done with the fragment and have my spirit free to switch to playing/reading/etc.

Back to non-finishing, the post-travel slow-downs shake me up to re-think a project, that is spooking in my head and to find another way to get it done. Hope to be able to show more of that by the end of the week.

Here the teddy blue-bellflower. It will soon be available for sale. Stay tuned.

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