Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Think POSITIVE - Affirmation #4

Here we go with another affirmation. I‘ve started with no sentence at all, putting just many elements together, that I‘ve recently drawn in other projects. It got clear after I‘ve sketched the sphere in the hand, and like this I had an idea about sort of energy origin or transfer, or whatever, you name it, - from an abstract concept to an emotion, than maybe to a product or another concept and so on. 

And just like that I've transformed my inerte sphere into a living bird. It all made me think about transformation of an idea (being represented by a sphere) into matter, that has energy of motion – a bird. And that it will make it own way into the world – whether as an item of matter, or movement, or light (I mean when we emotionally support someone, kind of giving someone that kind of immaterial power, that emotional energy, sort of light, that may help to overcome difficulties or problems). This way into the world means acting and interacting with other people's feelings, thoughts, inspiring, motivating and so on. 

Like this I‘ve got to emphasise the importance of doing things right, because of their impact. They are an imprint of many things such as what we do, and what we think, and how we do it and how we feel about it, and how we deal with other people, that‘s how I got the sentence about the importance of positive attitude – I may not have any influence on diminishing the world problems, but what I do, think, or whatever, well, that may actuate some small wheels that can get a bigger and more influential one/-s to move – think and act POSITIVE!  

May your ideas, emotions or products carry that positive charge out there. The rest will line up.

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