Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life is constant opportunity - Affirmation #3

I‘ve not made any ink drawings lately.

Yesterday watching a movie and knitting a teddy bear I‘ve started thinking about what would be another affirmation, sort of about importance of developing, about the immanent nature of developing – by small steps.

Well, with all this in my head I‘ve started my sketch this morning, as I suddenly realised, that there is another sentence that was getting shape, as I watched my drawing in process – about chances, about using opportunities – the plant I was doodling for my step-by-step-affirmation has revealed another subject being actually more important for me – about taking chances, about searching them, about not missing them, about re-thinking how we use our time. It‘s neither necessarily about artwork, nor about our creative projects - it‘s about nearly everything in life, our family, friends, about other people‘s needs and interests and life stories, about our duties etc., because nearly everything can reveal a chance, if we pay our full attention.

Because the chances do not come always as evident revelations – therefore it‘s about accepting / doing / spending time on something that may seem not very productive in terms of our current creative occupation, but it may bring an unexpected result that may enrich our life, induce new experience and evoke emotions that would bring new inspirations.

As I‘ve already told, and what I firmly believe in – there‘s nothing without purpose – be aware, that life is constant opportunity.

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