Thursday, July 5, 2012

Online SHOP - sneak preview

This week it’s more about what I’d call "secondary creating" - I’m planning my online shop, as I’ve announced recently and have all of a sudden LOTS of issues I’ve not expected to take care of, and they ARE time-consuming.

Such as are these photos okey, do they reflect the product qualities well enough, if not, how to re-do them (photos, not products), and retouch, and arrange, and all the descriptions to be written. Next come issues about postage, payments, how to put together the shop banner and so on, and so forth...

Well, though I’ve done a lot for a couple of last days, it’s still a huge amount of work involved for the next days to come. It’s not that bad and I sort of like it, but I’d like to have it finished by the weekend, that’s my inner deadline anyway, so I try to work REALLY fast and concentrate myself. 

To let me think about my shop as much as I can and to make place in my head I’ve deliberately stopped a couple of projects where I need all my creative forces and I’m right now knitting a couple more teddy bears and finishing mug rugs, while my brain is almost free to non-stop spin around on the shop-related issues.

Here's a peek into the shop in process.

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