Saturday, July 28, 2012

Affirmation #5 - embrace change

Lately I’ve been going though many things I haven’t planned or at least not imagined that way. After I got started posting regularly on my blog and working for the Etsy-shop, and after all the time I’ve spent on figuring out which way to go, I have planned to fully concentrate on "Raumalainen" during the summer. And since the beginning of July I’m actually busy with anything except the creative projects that I’ve considered important for me. 

During my being-far-from-the-studio I’ve reflected a lot about my business, but I also kept telling to myself that all the events, movements etc. were not without purpose, even if it’s yet not evident to me. That’s how I came to another affirmation about embracing changes.

I quit my job after three years of maternity leave, in which the perspectives had kept already shrinking over the last years. I’m now going freelance and sometimes it’s sort of scaring. Even if I do not freak out obviously, I cannot help but feeling sometimes like a rug being pulled out under my feet. 

But anyway, recently I’ve seen a quote on my friend’s blog about being later more disappointed by the things we’ve not dared to do, not by the things we’ve done. And that coincides with the motivation I have to continue. I love what I do and the project "Raumalainen" brings into my life, besides of having a family, of course, that feeling of fulfillment, I’ve rarely had before, while having a regular job.

Just like this I’d like to highlight that positive attitude towards any change, because that’s how we can keep the eyes open to see the opportunities. So embrace change.


  1. I love this message! It's so true about embracing change. Glad you like the's my favorite right now!

    1. Thank YOU, for the quote! It just matched so perfectly what I was thinking about.