Thursday, July 26, 2012

New drawings - ANEMONES

Here are the drawings of anemones, the last three of them, because I got started already yesterday with them, the weather was changing all the time and I just detailed them too much, and it was not good. And I failed at the beginning. Many times. Today it has been easier despite the disappointment and I’ve managed not to overload my sheets. I love the anemones, and I’m almost quite pleased with the results, though it’s not that much, and it has been one of the trickiest flower to draw so far. I’ve actually expected them to come in red and white as well, but these three shades of magenta-violet-ultramarin blue is all I have right now.

Next would come maybe red carnations, of violet bell-flowers. I’ve also some white flowers, and a gorgeous red dahlia, that might come the next.  And I have to fill a little bit my shop with another products - so far for weekend planning.

Have a nice day !

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