Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Enkelinkukkat - new drawings

Pleased to introduce you a different kind of flowers – Enkelinkukkat, no idea what‘s the right name in english, has to be angel flower, I guess. Well, I‘ve hesitated this time about posting them or not – this time I‘ve not painted any background, what I‘m usually doing to put all the light in the foreground. These flowers were just different. Low-key, in nice shades of lila and mauve, and old rose – I felt, that coloured background would be distracting from them instead of supporting, and just too much for these delicate and yet opulent creatures. I‘d like to have it painted on canvases, watercoloured of course, but primed with gesso to add some texture and being lightly tinted with some hints of diluted colours here and there – just to break the planeness of white paper . Well, it sounds like a next project.

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