Friday, July 6, 2012

New drawings - pale fuchsias

I’m almost done with the shop, but, you know, I'm sort of often spending on the last 10 percent of the total work almost as much time, as on the 90 percent, I’ve done before : proofreadings, specifying the details on shop policies, terms of use, proofreadings again, checking the shipping costs, and keeping everything in mind, and making cross checks. I’m glad it starts getting shape.

And I’ve spent LOTS of time online, reading, writing, retouching, hence, less in the studio. I hope to catch up a bit this weekend. 

Well, I like pretty much about the shop preparation, it’s an interesting experience I’m making right now, it helps me to reflect on my projects from a market point of view – what’s strong, what’s maybe less important, what is missing – why do I do what I do, if there is any philosophy involved. 

I used to make lots of thoughts like this at the time when I was in pursuit of my purely fine arts projects, running though galleries, museums and alike, and then all of a sudden I’ve started having lots of hand work after my girl was born and had less time to meditate on it. I’m glad the shop work has re-focused me on that subject.

Besides that, here is a couple of my drawings of the beautiful pale fuchsia– it was not that easy to get all the light, but I’ve loved the challenge. No idea, what comes next under the label  "Drawings", I’d like to reconnect with drawing the little wild flowers, like buttercups – we’ll see. Stay tuned.

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