Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exploring colour contrasts

Today it’s about contrasts. About pattern exploring. About playing with indistinct backgrounds and clear shapes from close-up’s.

I’ve shot so many detailed close-up’s of these flowers, that I ended up featuring the bleariness – as it can be clearly seen while scrolling down my photo serie, that I’ve put together this time. I’ve also introduced motif repetition, and I like the results. I like the pattern and texture, but these are colours that are unusual to me. Violet and yellow are so NOT the colours I’m usually working with – too strong is the contrast. Well, here it’s kind of softened, with lots of white, lots of neutral transitional greys, greens, ochres, and violets, but still bright and sparkling. 

I’ve also found yesterday flowers to continue my drawing serie – engelikukkat. Stay tuned !

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