Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Work in progress - textile patchworks

Today I can say, that my post-travel transition back to normal life has come to the end, because now I’m back doing EVERYTHING, from drawing, knitting, watercolouring, etc.etc., and finally sewing. I told, it takes time to reconnect and not get lost in new ideas/projects/redefinitions/remakes/rejects of this or that, what I’m always tempted to do after travelling.

Well, my rhythm is back and Monday to Friday I get myself to the studio without spending much time juggling all the possible and impossible projects in my mind.

Now I’d like to show you what I got from the "pattern exploring"-story I've posted on sunday – a number of sort of "textile sketches" or mini-quilts. The result of all the influences of what has been done or seen lately : my greeny hand painted fabric scraps, patterns, colours, a couple of new finnish fabrics. This sunday I’ve made four new designs (here are two of them) that I’m exploring right now varying texture, colour and another elements. I'll use them to make new pouches and mug rugs.

I’m certainly in love with that dahlia motif and I’m gonna use it for my smaller pouches/ iPhone cases later.

Stay tuned!

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