Friday, July 20, 2012

Home searching - new colouring book in progress

Hello, I'm back and blogging again.
A couple of days before I saw a film about a russian painter.

He talked a little, and showed not that much either. There was beautiful music in the background, short films showing riverside scapes in winter, with a couple of views of his simple old wooden village house at River Kolyma. His household was sparse and simple. I liked his voice - calm and sort of "sotto voce", and his thoughts and observations about human nature and nature at all were sharp and deep. 

He had that inner balance, that awareness of what he can and knows, of what he understands, of what he will never understand, but can feel and immerse into that sensation and it will be enough, and he had that profound sense of awe towards the nature’s splendor and power. 

He said that it was that country that shaped him, the tragic destiny of his father, denounced as a national enemy in the middle fifties, expulsed over night to labour camps at River Kolyma, and that was the painter’s mother who has never abandoned to search her husband and finally moved to that region, where the little painter grew up and fall in love with, found his vocation and never left. That he learned to love that severe country and to see its beauties - he's proud now to call it home.
It got me thinking about home. About what is so important about it. 

About home as sort of composition of people you love, your family, people you appreciate talking to, not necessarily family, culture and history of the country, and very many other pieces that put together that puzzle which we call home. And that it may also not be bound to a certain place or country, like in my case, because of people I meet, countries I traverse, and cultures I assimilate, and many other pieces along the way, that I adopt, appreciate and keep and just like this they partake in what I call home.

I feel like home when I have the sensation of integrity, of wholeness, of inner balance, of deep joy and delight, and it all may originate from many different places and people, but also from a beautiful seaside, or a flower, or music, or foliage noise during the rain, or smell of growing tomato vine, and I put them all together  and just like this I feel myself at home.

With all this in my head I've started another colouring book for my little girl. I haven't planned any story here, but while drawing I've realised that the drawings shaped a story about a little dog, searching for something it has lost, and not knowing what it had been, maybe home, maybe not. It finds friendship at the end and this is what makes him happy. Here a peek preview.


  1. mmmm ) I'd love to reproduce them in felt ))

  2. Go ahead :) Looking forward to seeing the results!