Monday, July 16, 2012

New smartphone pouches in my shop

Here I am with a post from abroad. I’ve been busy in a last couple of hours with editing photos of my new products I’ve shot before departure and writing descriptions of my brand new smartphone pouches and can happily announce that they have been successfully landed on Etsy Raumalainen and can be viewed there in a couple of hours. Go check them out.

As for the rest, I’m knitting teddy bears and actually trying to squeeze a couple of finnish lessons inbetween (was one of my resolutions as for using my time effectively, while being far from my husband and our little girl), cooking gooseberry marmalade and watching cook TV-shows/co-knitting with my mum, talking and walking a lot with my dad, eating yummy Russian home made food, and blaming myself for not having brought my Schmincke watercolour box, because of gorgeous cichorium in light ultramarine blue blooming all around here. Well I do not have that much time, and have to go back home in a couple of days, but maybe I’ll make it work somehow and bring it to paper. 

Have a nice day!

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