Sunday, July 29, 2012

Exploring pattern - surface design sketches

This time I’ve started first with pencil drawings outside and made a whole serie of sketches of wild flowers at the seaside, which I’ll post later. I worked with plants with as much different structures and shapes as I could find, and Finland is just amazing country for variety of wild and BEAUTIFUL different flora species on a couple of square feet – I could have spent my whole day at one spot and would haven’t had them all on paper – greedy eyes, I know.

Back at home while my family has been napping Saturday afternoon I’ve been watching the sketches and it suddenly gave me an idea to make a collage with leaves and plants what I had growing around our house and explore pattern. I’ve picked up just several items and made some arrangements, then I’ve let my little girl play with them as well, and it was fun. Afterwards I’ve just drawn them loosely with my sharpey. I’m thinking about using it all in my projects where I need that kind of surface design drafts – pouches, cards, it may become a pillow case, etc. Stay tuned, I hope to come with the results the next week.

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