Monday, August 27, 2012

Go beyond boundaries - Affirmation #6

It has been a long time since I‘ve posted an affirmation. And despite the fact, that I do sketch them regularly, I‘ve not had that state of mind recently to get myself to think of texts that I usually put in and around those affirmations. Most of time I think, that it‘s pretty easy for me to sketch an idea, but not to write about it. So I‘ve sketched a lot, and done/carved/printed/sewed a whole lot of different/similar things during this month. Well, now it‘s time to think in words.

Unfolding the ideas, meeting and inspiring other people, sharing, going beyond boundaries, keeping eyes and mind open, stepping out and looking for new opportunities, exploring, making, working hard, making new steps each and every day, the lil‘baby steps towards what I feel I need to do – these are things that I‘ve thought of while sketching this flying bird.

I wouldn‘t be able to verbalize what a dream, my dream, or whatever, is, or would be. Not that I‘m scared to say it out loud, I just somehow feel that it‘s cloudy, it‘s all nebulous there, where a dream might be. I love being creative in a way I am now – crafting with fabric, painting abstract here, more figurative there, sewing, lino carving and printing, knitting from time to time, sketching. And sometimes it feels right, and sometimes not. At those moments I may stuck and hold on asking myself what is missing. What else can be done/changed/explored to get back that state where I‘m like really happy with what I do.

So this time I‘d like to talk about what is important for me in those sitiations - like keep on going, working, going beyond boundaries. Right now I feel it‘s time to get started with a couple of projects, that I‘m thinking of since awhile, but somehow keeping telling to myself, that it all needs a bit more warm-up/start-up/inrun, or whatever. And I keep myself exploring the „within‘s“ of already existing projects, but not the „beyond‘s“ – to keep me busy, like „sorry, no time, have to finish this or that first“, and not leaving that creative comfort zone I‘m in right at the moment. But I want, and I will, it‘s just a question of time, that‘s why I‘m here today writing „Go beyond boundaries“.

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