Monday, August 20, 2012

When the creativity stucks (Part I) .... WORK (Part II)

... and I‘ve miscut another lino plate later this morning. And another one… I‘m stubborn, but four miscut lino plates on one day is way a bit TOO much.. And I‘ve accepted that my hand just does not have that cutting vibe now (thanks, Allison, your yoga lesson has made me sensible for that), and that I do not come to those spontaneous decisions, that give that something special to a print. And I‘ve abdicated the process, but not the idea.. The fifth plate would be another miscut.

I‘ve had one cup of tea, another cup of tea, and another one, walked through my garden and thought. Played with my little girl, made some collages with what she's found during our bike ride, and thought. I've worked on other projects, but somehow felt, I should go back and on with that printing failure and do something with it. I got a bit trepidant and determined at the same time with good portion of enragement, sort of fretting and fuming deep inside. I've got back to the garden and brought some leaves back home.

So here we are with what I‘ve found to print today. I‘ve made these backgrounds with leaves, rolled the brayer over‘em, covered with another sheet of paper, pressed and felt myself MUCH BETTER. I think, I have to give it another try with different shades of ochre-green-brown and more over-lapping, like different colour layers, well, maybe this evening.

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