Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sketching, sketching, sketching

Actually these days I‘ve been busy lino carving, but the motifs just came out badly after being printed. Disappointment. Well, we can still cut, rip and make a collage with the failed prints with my little girl, and now I‘ve started all over again and making new sketches. I‘m still exploring this flower theme by using that surface design technique I‘ve talked about recently. 

During these months that I‘ve spent constantly sketching and painting and photo shooting flowers, I‘ve acquired a considerable picture library. I‘m not only talking about pictures themselves, but also about acquiring this ability to draw, compile and re-interpret so many different flower forms, that it‘s finally getting fun and easy elaborating flower designs – something that I‘ve been afraid of before. I‘m also using kind of simplified firebird being inspired by slavic folklore and painted wooden panels from Russia and Hungary. They will be transformed later in linocuts or used for appliqué designs. I'll post them up soon.

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