Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New projects and some random facts around

After I‘ve spent the last week printing and sketching, (well, also finishing some sewing projects) this week I‘m in the mood for sewing something new. Since a long time I‘ve been making sketches for pillows for my girl‘s room, but have never brought them to fabric. Of course I might not be that happy about the design or layout, but seriously one of the main reasons was, that I was never happy with having just one piece, I always started the design expansion: sketching  little bags, garment pieces and ended up wanting to make SOOOOO much, that I realised it will never happen, because I felt bored and wanted something new. At those moments the whole work ended up looking very trivial and over-exploited, and I was tired to pursuit. Yes, not very fruitful and I‘m actually working at changing that and try to start a piece every singe time I feel inspiration coming. Well, ALMOST every time, because I still love the concept of some Leitmotif and yes, I do start fast now, but the idea needs to have that kind of development potential to be applied in different sorts of things, I do not just take any and every  idea that comes along the way.

That‘s the reason why I still do not list this pencil case for sale, that I‘ve created lately, with the rainbow pencil pattern, on Etsy – because it will be sort of outsider among other projects that I‘m doing for sale and continuously presenting in the shop – it needs a couple of compagnons with similar style.

Today (actually yesterday, if the sketching counts) I‘ve just launched that pillow case project and gonna show up a couple of them tomorrow. If I match the colours/shapes of them, pencil cases and something else, it would be worth to list them in my shop.

It feels good to make something other than sketching/drawing on paper, and I‘m deeply in love with the free motion stitching – sort of drawing, again, but on fabric.

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