Thursday, August 23, 2012

New pillow cases coming soon

Now I‘m preparing new pillow cases – using the desing, that I‘ve recently shown in one of my previous posts. And it was supposed to be almost finished today, if only my sewing machine had been a bit more cooperative – it‘s like having a crazy day, making crazy seams, breaking needles, so that I‘ve spent more time unraveling and searching for possible reasons for bugs as actually sewing. 

Besides I‘ve got another pile of vintage table napkins, as well as knitted and crocheted little treasures from one of the local fea markets, and a vintage loom for making lace – not a fancy brand new one, but a nice old loom with that yellowish caramel patina, upholstered with fantastic vintage fabric – couldn‘t pass by. Even if I may never get to practice it in a way that would justify getting a loom of my own, but I‘ll definitely give it a try - love my new loom :)

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