Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Print fever

Another post about printing in progress – ode to flowers - if I'm not outside drawing them, I'm lino carving them. If I'm not lino carving them, I'm painting or stenciling them on fabric. If not this, I'll cut them to make appliqué motifs - flowers,flowers,flowers - am I that obsessed?

The second day, spent mostly lino carving, printing, correcting, printing, correcting/re-starting with a new lino board, printing, cutting and making bookmarks. No way to make another inside project, because of that viscous typography ink and fresh prints all over my studio. And it has been a grey rainy day – just a perfect match for emerging into printing. My little girl has made beautiful mess with my supplies playing nearby, but I‘m done - the prints just need a couple of hours to dry.

And as always, it has taught me – lino carving needs patience and endurace, like a LOT of patience and endurance, and staying power (even more if there is a playing child around who needs your attention here and there). And stubborness to not give up after it fails, and not once. This time the linocuts are a bit more expressive and not so controlled as then the greeting cards, because this time I‘ve accepted to work on what seemed like mistakes on the first sight, but were later used as opportunities to try something new and try to turn them into those expresive details I‘d rather not imagined first to use/cut consciously. And it worked. I now understand that material a bit better.

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