Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Work in progress - fabric printing

It‘s been many months since I‘ve done lino carving for printing on fabric. Not that I avoid it, but the lino blocks I've made recently just did not fit into that technique. And it's very unpredictable, because of another viscousness of fabric paints, which just do not adhere that uniform and smooth to the brayer. But I somehow like that unevenness, I wouldn‘t trade it for perfection of screenprinting. I‘m actually more into block printing, have always been and maybe will be.
That lino block was actually carved for cards. I‘m making a set of cards based on my recent inspirations while walking, and it‘s about beach findings, wild flowers, trees. I've started yesterday with it and messed it up. Today I‘m better off, and found out, that this very print is doing well being juxtaposed and building a bigger surface (even eight times bigger than here on photos). So as long as I‘m thinking what could be done with big prints, I'm experimenting with fabric - for new pouches.
Here a peek preview from what has happened in my studio this morning.

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