Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kid's room deco - new pillow cases

And here they are – the pillow cases for my little girl. I've enjoyed making them – I‘ve just spent a bit more time searching for appropriate border, as I‘ve expected (simply because I haven‘t planned any border at all starting them) and chose finally that wonky triangle shapes. And I love them. And it was fun leaving for a couple of days more „arty“ projects, and just playing with simple shapes, recognisable figures, that children appreciate a lot. Doing something that does not have any flowers, though I have to admit, I've thought about putting a couple of them, at least on the backside. Backside is pure heavy linen, embellished with only three buttons, that are covered with fabric in matching colours to close the case. Now I have to get back to lino carving of all the card sketches I‘ve made recently and finish the affirmations. 

P.S. One of my products has got featured on the seasonal treasure list of Etsy-group Finland handcrafters team - go check't out, there are LOTS of cute items!

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