Thursday, August 30, 2012

Work in progress - hand printed cards

Today and yesterday I was busy lino carving. Yes, I‘m happy that I‘ve finally got back to the cards, that I‘ve once made, listed on Etsy and then pulled them back. The latter experience of carving book markers let me discover some interesting ideas, that I wanted to apply  to the card set that had been already made. In this case it meant – re-do completely. All the four of them. I‘ve sketched the new layout quickly and spent this last week moving back and forth – starting one more time from a zero point was a bit difficult in this case, because I was absorbed  elsewhere - new projects, new cards, new ideas. Anyway, it‘s done/cut now, and now I‘m thinking about how to print them best – trying different papers, varying shades of my black print ink (now it has been rusty brown) with other colours. What I share today, is a print draft on a simple newpaper, I'm still in research for final match.

Now I‘m planning to get back to some fabric printing/sewing and making further cards, that I‘ve already sketched and hoping, I‘ll get some sunny weather this week for my pillow cases photo shoot. Stay tuned.

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