Saturday, August 11, 2012

Preparing new items for sell

Now I‘m gonna share what I‘ve been making last week with my sewing machine – new pouches from the patchwork pieces, that I‘ve finished some days ago and put back because of print projects. I‘m done with the photo shoot and here's a peek with a couple of photos from it. I‘m going to sell them on Etsy the next week after I've finished processing the photos and descriptions.

And besides I‘m working on new affirmations (currently four (!) pieces) with lots of birds – now then what could that mean? Since quite a while I do not plan these drawings any more, as I've proceeded at the beginning of the blog, they just come out while I'm sitting, sipping my cup of tea and doodling with no idea at all in my head  -  I think this bird invasion is gonna be about take-off towards recognition of, well, dreams/wishes/fears/hopes/ourselves (first that comes to my mind) – I‘ll post them up soon.

Have  a nice weekend!

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