Saturday, August 4, 2012

New drawings – rose dahlia

Another serie, that was a bit too short, because this gorgeous dahlia was broken the next day because of wind. It will still have a couple of flowers, but maybe they‘ll not come out that big.

Speaking of flowers, I‘m seriously thinking about finally starting exposing my works again. My latest project dates from 2010 (!), and it was in France, Saint-Malo (Bretagne).  At that time I‘ve been painting landscapes (seascapes), but also made lots of figure drawings at the local University of fine arts and ink drafts of flowers from my garden.

This time the exposition will be about summer flowers and it'll be held in september at the public library of the town Rauma. I‘ll keep you posted on details.

On weekend I‘m gonna catch up on what has been neglected lately because of my sewing projects – lino carving, ink sketching for affirmations, teddy bear knitting.

Have a nice weekend!

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